Sunday, February 24, 2008

Match the Man to the Moment

Some of you are aware that Roger and I did the Grand Family Tour in February. It was a great trip covering almost 800 miles. I'll post more pictures later. In the interim, I thought I'd pass along some moments that were shared with us featuring the men above. Clockwise from upper left, Roger's dad "Don", my step-dad "Ray", my dad "Tommy" and of course, Roger.

Please feel free to match the moments below to the man above.

a) This fella has 2 similar moments and I'll share them both. Who decided the rooftop of his house was a good place to lay back and rest - UNTIL the vultures started circling. Then, who decided when repairing a sprinkler head that since he was on the ground anyway, that the middle of the yard was a good place to take a nap, only to be awoken by the neighbor and EMTs who thought, well, lets just say he got a free ride to the local Emergency Room.

b) This fella has decided that should he ever experience a pharmaceutically induced erection that lasts longer than 4 hours, rather than call the doctor as recommended by the pharmaceutical company, would instead call his neighbor into action.

c) This fella, alone on a Saturday night, as his wife was out with a girlfriend, invited a door-to-door Kirby Vacuum cleaner salesman into his house. While the salesman demonstrated/steam-cleaned the entire living room, this particular fella sat in his easy chair eating pizza, watching TV and lifting his feet when necessary so as not to impede the demonstration.

d) This fella, said to his beautiful, loving wife of 17 years, "please, don't ever let me get old." :~)


Anonymous said...

Well, I just betcha Mr. Fox had the two life-threatening experiences! The viagra and vacuum...I am afraid to guess!
Based on wife out with girlfriends, the vacuum incident might be Mr. Davis. That leaves the viagra to Mr. Lee!? The one that doesn't want to get old must be the youngest...Roger, but that seems too easy. What's my score?

Anonymous said...

seventeen years ,,i know that is roger since me and kevin are approaching that mark. and for the erectile issue-- i don't think i want to even want to go there TMI!!! DARYLIN

Anonymous said...

Too funny!!! OK, I think I've got them guessed, only because I can picture Roger's dad pointing out the spots missed by the guy doing the carpet cleaning demonstration, put a beer in hand and it would be Roger. Tommy Lee, best not get those viagra problems as the only neighbors I've heard tell of were horses......
I'm so glad you guys had a great trip, Susan