Saturday, March 3, 2012

What's not to Love About February!

Ah, the month of February. Valentine's Day, my birthday and wedding anniversary all within 8 days from start to finish. On the one hand I can say, "It's all about me!"". But fortunately I'm blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life who are also born in February.

I'll start with my beautiful mother, Loretta, who was born on her mother's birthday, Feb. 19. (Clearly a sign indicative of my lifelong impatience, I came 3 days too early to make the day a trifecta.) I never knew my maternal grandmother as she passed when my mother was only a toddler. Momma was the youngest of 6 children and was ultimately raised by "Mamaw", who had the unrivaled courage to marry man raising 6 kids! There's so much I've learned from my mom in terms of strength (which is a true test for me even today) and a grand sense of adventure. She has to realize she's to blame for me now living 2,000 from "home".

Next, is my phenomenal mother-in-law, Wanda. I must say, she was the originator of celebrating the "birthday month", which I'm more than happy to follow in this grand tradition. In reality, she celebrates all month long as it's impossible for her to fit into one single day all the lunches, dinners and long phone calls with friends and family whose lives have been touched by her constant caring and the long reach of her compassion for others.

And then there's other family members. Tara Davis, a spit-fire for sure, whose beautiful blue eyes just draw you into what ever she may be in the midst of. Melissa, my brother's step-daughter who's raising a beautiful daughter, both inside and out!

And then, there's my friends, Mary and Holly. We seemed to somewhat stumble into each other's lives almost 20 years ago and simply never missed a beat. There's many more to our little group, but they won't be mentioned by name as they weren't born in February! It's rare to form such strong bonds over one common interest, especially when that interest was "All My Children". And while our initial monthly get-togethers were solely for watching AMC, it wasn't long before that was last topic to come arise.

And so many others who share this month along with us. Too many high school friends to mention, co-workers and family members of friends! With a special shout out to Katie King, for without Katie, there'd be no Susan King in my life today!!!

So while February is the briefest month on the calendar, there's no other month that is so packed full of wonderful memories, special moments and all around festivities.