Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, Roger!

Tomorrow my partner in fun turns 60-years-old!  I am so proud that I am his wife, as he continually makes me a better person, not only with his insight into life, but also just by watching him as he navigates through his own life.

For a while I've pondered the meaning of "grace", when it finally occurred to me that the definition of grace has been right in front of my eyes for the past 24 years.  Roger has been through more than his share of heart-breaking moments, and through them all he's shown an incredible capaciousness for forgiveness  that I've yet to see in anyone else.  He's also had more than his share of physical trials, but he keeps on going, refusing to let any one thing stop him from living the fullest life possible.

He doesn't dwell on what could have been and what might be, instead he lives in the here and now, which in turn helps me stay in the present instead of giving into my constant urge to focus on the future, and where we should or could be, and how we are going to get to where ever that might be.  He always pulls me back.

But more than anything, he makes me laugh!  The quickness of his wit always catches me off guard.  Seeing Roger with his dad and his brother before they passed away, you easily see that it ran deep in the gene pool.The Davis men could rarely be outdone with their hilarous tales and antics in life.

So, Happy Birthday, Roger, from your wife who is so very grateful for the constant love and laughter that you give to me and to others.  I love you so very much!!!