Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Momma!

Roger and I had the chance to get to Fort Worth to celebrate Momma's 70th birthday. Doesn't she look great!?! She's living proof that like her birthday card says, "70 isn't what it used it to be!"

We descended upon the Outback Steakhouse in Burleson for her birthday dinner, which was also shared with Melissa (the 19th), Me (the 16th) and Loretta, also on the 19th. It was a great time and I'm almost sure the management of the Outback will not allow us all back under their roof at the same time ever again. There may have been, but I'm not completely sure, some crawling under tables a time or two, or three, during the evening.
The boys above are Marty (in-law to Dave), Dave (my big brother), Roger and Bryan (my little brother).Ray was brave enough to foot the bill for the entire crew. Of course, had I known that, I would have ordered a better brand of tequila and a bigger and better cut of steak!
Seven-year-old Aubrey, who managed to keep herself entertained amongst the crazy adults, gave everyone drawings of hearts. Mine had a snowflake in the middle!
In the end, everyone had a grand time, with lots of laughter and lots of getting to know each other again. Like with so many families that scatter from here and there, the opportunities to all gather together become more rare, but this makes each holiday or birthday even more special!

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Anonymous said...

hope all of ya'll had a happy birthday. oh to have been a fly on the wall. --darylin