Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hello, Arkansas!

We spent the final three nights in Russellville with Roger's Mom and Dad before heading back home to New England.

The only downside was that winter decided to rear its ugly head at the end of February! We drove up Magazine Mountain to visit a fairly new resort that was built by the state of Arkansas. In spite of our view being dramatically cut short due to fog, the building itself was stunning! Lots of wood and rock and huge fireplaces. I can't wait to go back on a good weather day and perhaps spend a night in one of the cabins.

It also just so happened that Wanda's birthday was just around the bend, so we helped her kick off the celebration!!!

We mostly spent the days relaxing, eating and drinking coffee, relaxing, eating and drinking coffee, etc., etc., and of course lots of visiting. Not only with Don and Wanda, but with Shirley and Roger's cousin Kathy.

Alas, it was time to head back, and just in time! Guinness had the pleasure of staying in a kennel for an entire week. The picture below was taken within an hour getting home. Back in the lap of his bestfriend!!!

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