Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Roger!

As this is my inaugural post, I shall dedicate it to Roger, who is rather unwillingly celebrating his birthday today. Isn't he so very handsome!

While his birthday is actually today (April 24th), we spent last weekend enjoying a minor league ballgame (go fishercats!), followed by nachos and beer at a sportsbar in Manchester, followed by tacos at Margaritas, followed by Alka-Selzer (tm) at home.

This cellphone image was taken the next day at one of our most favorite spots - "The Black Cow" in Newburyport.

We hope you enjoy our musings and photos. We welcome your comments and greetings!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! I'll have a beer in your honor tonight.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and thanks a bunch for the money...hopefully I'll have good news about my job soon!

Anonymous said...

Howdy from Susan as well. Again, Happy birthday Roger!!!!

Excellent on the blog. I don't have enough to say to do one of my own but if you'd like you can go visit Lesa's at:

Catch you tomorrow, Susan

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I am impressed I don't even know what the heck blogging is. Happy late birthday my Roger. I know it was happy for you had Janet by your side. I loved the picture, my friend you have not changed in appearance since I first met you way back when in Denton. Actually you have changed, for the better. I love you both and love this blog stuff.

Anonymous said...

i am kinda hoping to slow down the b-day stuff. last month 3-24 emily turned 14 and zach turned 12. and in another month 5-14 shane will be 8. how can it go so fast?? has it already been 16 years since janet and i were at sneaky petes,actually i think it has been 17years. time flies, i think i need a colorado bulldog. ;]

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!! I feel so old after reading how old Darylin's kids are now. The last time I saw them they were still babies. Time does fly!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pippy & Mr. Pippy!

Great pic (of Guinness, I mean)!! Happy belated - and many more.

I too had a Crown & coke in your honor while playing Wii. I now have "Wii-lash", but at least I didn't smash the tv screen.

Anyway, we hope to come visit ya'll in the fall. I'll bring you a real praline!